Panel detailing and color balancing

We’ve made a few minor alterations to the color schemes with today’s maintenance release. You’ll notice the new ‘stitching’ styling, along with color balancing that will make your Protopage look better when you combine panels of different colors on the same page. We’ve also made some assorted bug fixes including further improvements to the scrollbar functionality. Please continue to let us know about any bugs you’ve noticed and any features you’d like to see in the future.

10 Responses to “Panel detailing and color balancing”

  1. J-Faz Says:

    Very nice. Everything’s looking very very good, guys.

    I don’t notice anything about the scroll fix, though, because I never had any problems with it. :)

  2. xrayspex Says:

    Looking very nice :)

  3. Jdrx Says:

    Keep up the good work, people.
    I would kinda like a good old-fashioned yellow sticky note, but il like the actual colors too.

  4. Brownspank Says:

    I definitely like the fixes and alterations. The color balance was immediately noticeable as I had each of my panels colored differently. And I’m a sucker for dotted lines. But what really excited me was that the scroll wheel now works on the panels!

    One thing though: without link underlines, it’s kinda hard to distinguish between feed links (in headlines only mode), especially when a link takes up two lines. Maybe a subtle difference in per-item and between-item line spacing? Or perhaps a :hover color change?

  5. KenG Says:

    Missing cursor when selecting body of sticky note. Only appears after first keystroke. So first stroke is in the blind.

    Like to have links to my other pages. A note with these links in the first page could now become a linked table of contents.

  6. MsBluebells Says:

    My highlighting with the background of my text are now muddied colors. For example my yellow background is not really yellow but a muddy color. Can I have my clear background colors to my text back? I use it like a highlighter. Thanks so much.

  7. emily Says:

    how do you delete a page? if you have made one all ready how do you delete the whole oage and not have that page anymore

  8. emily Says:


  9. Bonifacius Says:

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