Data center relocation completed

Protopage has been successfully relocated and we’re now running on two additional processor cores. Now, back to work on new features… (Gmail / POP3 / IMAP support is imminent)

7 Responses to “Data center relocation completed”

  1. xrayspex Says:

    Very smooth transfer and protopage seems to load quicker now on my end.

  2. FreeBee Says:

    Indeed, very smooth… Perfect job! Congratz on a successful operation, Team!!!

  3. Camaracut Says:

    Whoa! Smoooooth-n-fast!… Can’t wait for next upgrade. Cheers!

  4. rhadamanthus Says:

    Excellent…..and that’s the website, the service and the Tech Support! Thank you very much for the excellent tool. All the best, rhadamanthus (13/02/06 – 15:26:39 GMT).

  5. Alan Says:

    Nicely done. I (and I think everyone reading this) appreciate the effort and efficiency of you guys keepin’ this site running.

    I look forward to the gmail support! :)

  6. Rajiv Vyas Says:

    Very nice. Pages load faster and it’s a joy to work.


  7. Bonifacius Says:

    Great article. I am just sad I dont know how to reply properly, though, since I want to show my appreciation like many other.