Compact display mode

We’re making it easier for you to pack more information into your Protopage.

News feeds and email inbox previews will now automatically display in a smaller font. You can now also select ‘compact’ mode for your weather widget.

Please keep sending us your feedback – we’re listening!

12 Responses to “Compact display mode”

  1. Roger Cuthbert Says:

    The new mail requires passwords to be typed on an unsecure webpage. Unless you have some other security system. I expected at least https:

  2. Steve Remington Says:

    While I agree with Roger it must be mentioned (based on my best understanding) that unless you are using an SSL based link between your email client software and email server your mail user name and mail password are being tranmitted over the network in clear text. If someone wanted to sniff the packets on your connection they could easily read your email account credentials. This is not much different to the way things currently with the new email widget on Protopage.

    Maybe protopage could offer a submit password each time it checks email option and that is sent over a HTTPS link.

  3. Protopage Team Says:

    Just to clarify: Protopage will send your email password only once to our email indexing server. From then on – your email inbox is referenced by a special ID that is only valid if you are logged in to your Protopage.

    Please see the email inbox post comments for more.

  4. Alan Says:

    in addition to the current multi-feed RSS news widget, could there be a singular feed widget without the title, mark read/unread link in the body of the widget? I often find myself making single-feed widgets that I will never want to “mark as read” and the link is sorta bothersome.

    I love the new compact weather widget! Great work!

  5. Glade Says:

    I love this! I can’t wait to see how it develops.

    When will there be a programming API that people can use to develop additional widgets, or modify existing ones?

    PS it would not bother me to have an ad-sense or other ad area sold by protopage on my home page.

  6. Protopage Team Says:

    You can currently use the HTML feature inside a sticky note to put all sorts of clever things onto your Protopage. For example, see the video tutorial posted previously on this blog for instructions on putting your favorite videos onto your page. If you’re talking about a different type of API, please use the feedback for to tell us specifically what you’re looking to do – so we can incorporate your requests into our feature queue.

  7. Thomas Ho Says:

    will this feature create a “PDA-friendly” start page?

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