Version 3 currently in development

We’re currently working on an array of new features and improvements for version 3 of Protopage – including an update of the look and feel. Thank you all for the marvellous suggestions sent in so far – Protopage will continue to evolve until we’ve implemented every one of them!

63 Responses to “Version 3 currently in development”

  1. susan Says:

    how about adding a bitty browser widget?would be a great way to browse the web while remaining inside my protopage

  2. mors Says:

    Please give Opera 9 support. It suports the DOM 2 Style module.

  3. Codrin Says:

    Feature requests:

    1) It would be great if we could name/rename our subpages independently (Susan)

    2) It would be also great if we could rearrange the order of the subpages

    3) a directory with user pages sorted by names or categories (tags) it would be very NICE

    4) I think Menu Widget (FreeBee) and Saving other user widgets (Alex Rodriguez) are great ideas

    5) an invite/ sharing widget it would be nice too

    Thanks for your great work.

  4. Codrin Says:

    More feature requests:
    6) it would be nice if we could share our pages (publish is for everyone, share is for who we want to)
    7) it would be also great if we could delete our subpages

  5. David Roussel Says:

    Ease of use.

    I use protopage with firefox, and often have many tabs open. I use the mouse to switch tabs, but sometimes when I switch to the protopage tab I find I’m on the wrong page. I then have to mouse down to the lower right corner, change page, copy the sticky info I want, then mouse back up to the tab bar to change back to where I was before.

    So it would help me if the pager was at the top of the page, not the bottom.

    I suppose I could change firefox to have the tabs at the bottom of the window, but that’s just plain wrong! :)



  6. Ning Says:

    I would like to see a change of “mark as read” feature. It is natually to move this feature AFTER the news feed.
    I don’t want to scroll all the way up to mark the news feed I just read.


  7. Vincent Says:

    It would be great if you can send duplicates of your panels to other users.

  8. Robin Hebert Says:

    folks, email me with the link to your protopage. I’m going to start a page with everyone’s link so that we have a protopage community.
    Or is anyone doing this already?

  9. charles Says:

    why won’t protopage answer me “I was logged onto my page & my mom @ work could edit my pages ! So now when I log in I have to lock all 7 of my pages! ( very aggrivating ) please add a lock & an unlock all pages button to version 3 of protopage! Thx!”

    Why did this happen ? i need to know!

  10. AmishSteve Says:

    In XP, I use Protopage as my ActiveDesktop. Got this tip from!

  11. Protopage Team Says:

    Charles – unlocking your page doesn’t mean that someone else can edit it – it just means that other people can view it. We suspect that what actually happened was that you logged into your Protopage once from your mother’s work machine, and then she was able to edit your pages because when she visited your page later, she was still logged in as you. The solution is to remember to log out of Protopage when you use it on someone else’s machine. We’ll get some better documentation together for version 3.

  12. Charles Says:

    I’ve never been to her office , and she does not know my password.& I know that unlocking your pages doesn’t do that. p.s. can you still add a lock& unlock all pages button

  13. Charles Says:

    We need sound ! Thx,Dave&Charles