Protopage version 3 update

Protopage version 3.0 is getting closer!

We’ve been hard at work redesigning our interface so that you can do more with your Protopage than ever before (yes, tabbed pages and an API are on their way!). Much of our time has actually been spent designing features for version 4.0 and beyond – so our version 3.0 launch will be one of many to come.

We’re still some distance from launch, but in the mean time, here are the top five things you might not know about Protopage:

1. We keep all of your data on battery backed RAID 10 disk arrays. This means that our systems will continue to function at full speed and all of your data will be safe even if we lose half of the hard disks in our arrays. In case of an even greater disaster (you know, like asteroids), we also keep off-site rolling backups.

2. We always have at least one engineer monitoring the Protopage site 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year.

3. If you lose your internet connection while you are making changes to your Protopage, your changes are retained as long as you do not close your web browser. Protopage will automatically detect and warn you that your network connection was unavailable when you tried to make a change, and will give you an option to try saving your changes again when your internet connection resumes.

4. We have received 4,164 suggestions for new features. (Thank you!!! We’re very sorry we haven’t had the chance to reply to them individually, but we greatly appreciate every single one and we agonize over them during our product design sessions.)

5. Version 3.0 of Protopage will continue to be completely free.

Thank you all for your support and for the wonderful feedback you’ve been sending us. The future of Protopage will be a product of your collective imagination!

32 Responses to “Protopage version 3 update”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Can’t wait to see it, guys.

  2. Ryan Says:

    It will be awesome.

  3. susan Says:

    Cool! Looking forward to it. (was getting worried there for a while)

  4. cristian contini Says:

    Thanks a lot for your work!
    Looking forward the 3.0 release….

  5. Robin Hebert Says:

    folks, I love Protopage soooooooo much and I’m so looking forward to the upgrade. Hey, if I had some serious money, I would donate! LOL. How do you keep it free? have a good summer. Robin

  6. VoigtKampff Says:

    yay Protopage>asteroids!

  7. Scott Says:

    I can’t wait for v3.0.

  8. Ken Says:

    You are to be complimented on your hard work and dedication, Protopage is excellent and I for one can’t imagine being without it now, great job.

  9. xrayspex Says:

    can we get a sneak peek????

  10. Protopage Team Says:

    We can’t give much away until launch, but here’s a taste of the new look.

    Set this as your new wallpaper image…

    (To set your wallpaper, use the Colors / Settings button on your Protopage toolbar)

  11. Sharath Says:

    Just waiting. Just waiting.

  12. Steve Morton Says:

    How about an itunes mini player add in for Protopage


  13. Joel Says:

    Poor engineer. :(

  14. Pete Says:

    Looking forward to v3. Also curious about how you keep this free. Are there plans in the works for premium services? how about corporate or education versions?

  15. Protopage Team Says:

    There are a number of business models that will allow us to keep Protopage a free service. For now, we’re concentrating on the free features that will help us continue our growth.

  16. Robin Hebert Says:

    hi folks, so, how much longer? we all feel like we are anticipating Christmas or something.

  17. Dee Says:

    This is going to be better then any Christmas present I ever got, Thanks Protopage Posse.

  18. Tanveer Says:

    I love protopage! I’d been using pp ever since I heard about it on TWIT, a long time ago….NOW, i can’t even imaing a day w/o it.

    I’ve checked out a lot of the other AJAX based, start-pages. But I love the Protopage the MOST! Its simple, looks just right, feels right…

    Keep up the good work guys. This is truly a useful product…
    Goodluck with the newer versions in the future..


  19. Douglas Says:

    “Version 3 will be free” but I suspect version 4 will not?

  20. Protopage Team Says:

    We’ll always keep the base Protopage product a free service – and depending on our choice of business model there may be scope for optional extra features in later versions.

  21. Kyle Songer Says:

    I created a “How to Get Started with Protopage” Protopage for an instructional technologist position presentation. I was able to land the job and thought that maybe the “Protopage Team” could use ideas from the panels I created, or direct newbies to my protopage if they needed help. If not, no big deal, just thought I would try to help even more people get familiar with your wonderful technology. Thanks for everything. Kyle

    The protopage how to is located at

  22. Ruff Ruffman Says:

    Will widgets be supported because me and a friend have made potiental widgets for people’s protopages

    Chat and admin board widgets

  23. Protopage Team Says:

    Thank you, Kyle, that looks fantastic. And Ruff, yes, version 3 will support widgets. We look forward to seeing yours.

  24. John S. Richards Says:

    Hi – Any updates for July or August? Everything still A-OK?

  25. Joy Lumsden Says:

    I’ve stopped holding my breath!

  26. Ed Burns Says:

    You have ruined your chances.
    I am sick of waiting any more.
    There are other sites which provide a similar service.
    Dont keep your clients waiting so long!!

  27. Douglas Says:

    Would not be surprised if the server up and quits without notice.

  28. Parkylondon Says:

    Come on guys – an update or a confession. I, frankly, cannot afford for this server to go down on me (too much stuff here) so if you can let us know whats going on it would be *very* helpful. Are you there?

  29. Protopage Team Says:

    Hi Parky, we’re still working away on v3 – we’ll post a full update soon. The last thing you have to worry about is Protopage going away – we’ve been working far too hard on version 3 to let that happen!

  30. Ken Says:

    Why the impatience people? the Protopage team must be working their butts off to bring us version 3.

    I appreciate the hard work and effort guys.

  31. bob3160 Says:

    Is there a time frame? When can we expect another update?

  32. susan Says:

    Just created Protoplace – a social network for Protopage Users.
    And then again if you like how it works and your protopage has potential for community then you might just want to create your own.
    You can:
    create an online profile
    keep audio, video or text blogs
    upload your video clips, mp3s and photos
    use the WIDGET function to embed YOUR STUFF into YOUR OWN PROTOPAGES, and any other webpages you may have!
    add friends to your list
    leave and receive messages in your guestbook – other features on the way soon…
    In the meantime we might all get to know each other.

    Protopage team if there’s a problem with my choice of name for the site please let me know …

    and thanks for Protopage its amazing.