Two new Twitter widgets

We’re pleased to announce two new Twitter widgets. You can now add your own or someone else’s Twitter feed to your page by clicking the ‘Add widgets’ toolbar button and then clicking ‘Add a twitter feed’. You can also add a Twitter Search widget, which displays the latest tweets on a particular topic or search term that you wish to follow.

In addition, there is a new ‘Add a map location’ feature, which allows you to easily add a Google Map for a location that you type in. Enjoy!

7 Responses to “Two new Twitter widgets”

  1. Steve Says:

    Great addition guys

  2. Ben Says:

    I am experiencing an issue when adding a Twitter search widget with the following search string:

    library near:30012

    When executed through the Twitter website, there are several recent results as a backlog as well.

    When executed via the Twitter search widget, there are not results.

    Can anyone explain the discrepancy?

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