Major news feed indexing upgrade

We’ve just completed a major upgrade to our RSS news feed indexing infrastructure, including a new “parsing engine”. This means that some non-standard news feeds that did not work before will most probably work now on your Protopage.

5 Responses to “Major news feed indexing upgrade”

  1. David Nordon Says:

    Congratulations, you guys are coming up to 10 years in business. I’ve been a loyal user most of that time and hope you go for another 10 years.

    I use your site every day – thanks for the reliable service.

  2. Protopage Team Says:

    Thanks for sticking with us David! We don’t quite believe it’s been 10 years ourselves…

  3. Watt Says:

    10 years? you guys deserve more recognition. I hope this becomes the standard when it comes to dashboards.

  4. Lesa Says:

    Your Google Calendar option is severely lacking. The only option you offer me to be shown on my Protopage is ‘Personal’. That is unacceptable. My Google Calendar on Protopage should be as flexible as my actual Google Calendar. I have separate ‘calendars’ and calendar feeds all coming in and I need for them to all show up on my Protopage. Why do other start page services like and uStart have all options available but you don’t?

  5. Steve Morton Says:

    I think I’ve discovered a way to break the RSS feed widget. If you put in just the website address without a trailing / or /feed/ it will make the widget report that the service isn’t currently available and service will resume later.

    As I tend to have quite a few rss feeds per widget I have been editing the addresses to get over this.