‘Mark all read’ toolbar button

We’ve added a new toolbar button to make it easy to mark all news feed widgets on your page as “read”. This will make it easy to see what is new when you return to your page later.

There is also a keyboard shortcut to do this. If you want to mark all widgets on your page as read, you can hold the left mouse button down in the empty space between any two widgets, and tap the “X” key. Every widget on the current tab in your Protopage will be marked as read. Tap the ‘S’ key while holding the mouse button down to mark all feeds on your page as ‘unread’.

If you’d prefer to mark only certain widgets as read, you can do this by holding the left mouse button down inside any news widget and tapping the “X” key on your keyboard (tap ‘S’ instead to mark it as ‘unread’).

7 Responses to “‘Mark all read’ toolbar button”

  1. Steve Morton Says:

    May be I’m too quick, but I’m not seeing the additional tool bar button between widgets and colour.

    I’ve closed the browser reopened it. No joy. Logged out of Protopage and logged back in again. No joy.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Protopage Team Says:

    Hi Steve, thanks, there was a bug when using multiple feeds per widget. This should now be fixed.

  3. Steve Morton Says:

    Thank you, I see it now

  4. Jack Fleeting Says:

    Is there a way to mark only one item in a widget has having been read?

  5. Steve Morton Says:

    I wish there was a ‘Are you sure’ dialogue after pressing the ‘Mark All as read’ it is too easy on an laptop to accidentally press it.

  6. Ralf Says:

    Good Feature. Thank you!

  7. Tenaya Says:

    I’m new to Protopage (came from MyYahoo). I like the “Mark all read” button. How about a “Refresh all feeds” button to go with it?