Widget Transparency, Retina Wallpapers and Twitter Enhancements

By popular demand, we now support configurable widget ‘transparency’. This can be configured via the Colors/Settings button at the top of your Protopage.

We’ve also updated our list of wallpapers with nearly 100 new options, now in retina quality. (Mac Chrome users only – please note that the current version of Chrome has a bug that prevents scrolling through the options. This has been fixed by Google, but it will be a few weeks before they release a new version of Chrome with the fix).

For users of our Twitter widgets – we’ve updated the widget to allow easier access to the permalink of each Tweet. Protopage’s Twitter widgets are a great way to monitor multiple feeds and Twitter search terms. They give you the ‘full feed’, which means that instead of only seeing each user’s popular tweets (as the official Twitter app often does), you’ll see every single tweet from each user so you’ll never miss anything important.

4 Responses to “Widget Transparency, Retina Wallpapers and Twitter Enhancements”

  1. Steve Says:

    Hi Guys
    Thank you for the update. Looks good on my set up here.

  2. Protopage Team Says:

    Thanks as always Steve :)

  3. Mind Mingles Says:

    @Ptotopage Team Thanks for the latest updates. Twitter widget update looks more attractive.

    Alka Mittal

  4. Eric Says:

    I didn’t know where else to request this but any chance the age of the RSS feeds could be display within the New widgets?