Embedded Google Maps update

We’ve just upgraded our Google Maps widget to support embedding.

If you go to a Google Map in your web browser, you can click the “Link” icon (as indicated in the image above) and then copy the embed url. Then click ‘edit’ on a Google Maps widget on your Protopage and paste this into the “Web site address” field.

Click save, and your Google Map will then appear on your Protopage!

8 Responses to “Embedded Google Maps update”

  1. Steve Says:

    Thanks for the update, I will use this quite a lot for having maps for different areas I need quick access to in future.

  2. Protopage Team Says:

    You’re welcome, Steve :)

  3. Mahalia Says:

    A simple and intellignet point, well made. Thanks!

  4. udgrmwksk Says:

    vCPTrh qdnhqzjryaxn

  5. orxocvewhd Says:

    GHEvgc fspszbbapuwi

  6. Gerard Sanders@travelers Says:

    Will they appear in the same size as specified in my map?

  7. Clark Walker Says:

    Where to find free google API for Maps

  8. Shilpa Rao Says:

    How to change size of maps?

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