Gmail inbox previews

If you have a Gmail inbox preview widget on your Protopage, you may notice that it has been displaying a message:

‘There has been a problem connecting to your email server with the details you have given. Please check with your email service provider for the correct details.’

Google appear to be having network problems – which is why your email inbox previews are not working. Depending on your Internet Service Provider, you may or may not currently be able to access the site directly at

This seems to be an issue affecting some parts of the internet and not others. We hope that access to Gmail from our servers will work again soon. We’ll keep you posted – and thanks to everyone that has written in about this.

UPDATE: Gmail is now working again.

8 Responses to “Gmail inbox previews”

  1. RoD Says:

    It works fine to me


  2. RoD Says:

    … but I have to say i get a issue with yahoo inbox previews… the widget shows as unread all the mails that i already read before that I created the widget..

    what’s wrong with that thing??

  3. Protopage Team Says:

    The Yahoo issue is that although Yahoo remembers the read/unread status within the web email interface, it doesn’t communincate that to the Protopage email service when it is accessed via POP. This is something that affects all web mail providers that use POP. If you’re lucky enough for your provider to support IMAP, we recommend you use that instead – this will solve your problem.

  4. Au Yong Chee Meng Says:

    Thank your for fixing it! I like the widget very much =)

  5. Ian Ripping Says:

    It doesn’t work for Tiscali.
    I have reported this to you but nobody got back to me?

  6. Bonifacius Says:

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