Put a clock on your Protopage

UPDATE (17 May 2006) : Clocklink have modified the way their source code works, and are now using code that is incompatible with Protopage. We will post a message here when we have implemented a work-around.

As you’ve previously seen in our video tutorial, it’s possible to put all sorts of content into HTML sticky notes.

A website called ClockLink provides some fantastic clocks that you can use on your Protopage.

To get started, go to the ClockLink gallery and find a clock that you like.

Once you have decided on a clock, click the View HTML Tag button underneath it.

Choose your timezone and the size of the clock from the menus, and then copy the source code for that clock to the clipboard by selecting it, right clicking it and choosing Copy.

Now, go back to your Protopage, add a sticky note, and choose HTML at the bottom of the edit window. Now right click in the edit window and choose Paste.

Click Save Changes and you’re all done!

22 Responses to “Put a clock on your Protopage”

  1. Protopage Team Says:

    P.S. If you want to make the clock even smaller than the Size setting at ClockLink allows, you can change the width= and height= values in the HTML code youself to smaller values.

  2. Matt Spych Says:

    Nice (again!), but does it have to be a sticky note? Can’t you guys make it a widget? It would look way better without the panel-ish looks and background. Speaking of background, could you make it possible to choose more colors? I mean there is a handful of colors to choose from but how about custom colors? Or atleast add white to choice you give us :-))

  3. MsBluebells Says:

    Hi works great. One thing I noticed was that I had to select html before I pasted in, rather than after. Which is per your instructions. I just thought it was curious!! Thanks so much for the new feature.

  4. Daz1971 Says:

    I’ve used the clocklink clocks to create my own little “world time” window with my local time and that of my boss on the East US coast.

    Another tool that I’ve added to my Protopage is information from my LAST-FM account.

  5. Joe Says:

    It would be great to have an option for sticky notes to auto-hide their title bars, scroll bars, and backgrounds when the mouse is not over them.

  6. Mellissa Says:

    Can we have a calendar widget? Or even a link to a place like this that would let us have current calendars show all the time in a sticky note window?

  7. Graham Says:

    Got the code embedded but it’s not displaying anything, just the outline of the bar (I chose a countdown clock).

  8. GC Says:

    Great Stuff! Is there a calculator that can be embedded the same way?

  9. Andrew Says:

    dude you guys totally jacked this idea from me! :) anywho it’s cool that you noticed and posted about it :)

  10. Andrew Says:

    next you should jack my idea about using the XSPF player.. see my protopage for an example

  11. Bonifacius Says:

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  12. Rick Says:

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  13. FreeBee Says:

    Hi Rick,

    If you’re hoping to get help logging on to your page again, you’d best follow this link, and describe your problem there. Don’t forget to give the team your login name as well…

    Although they keep following the comments on the blog, an email through the above system is much more likely to get their attention ASAP.

    Hoping to have been of help,


  14. Dickie Osborne Says:

    http://www.worldtimeserver.com do an alternative clock…..

  15. iour Says:

    There a lot of flash clocks at clock-desktop.com

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