Smart save and data center upgrades

We will be upgrading our servers on Sunday in order to handle extra traffic and to make your pages load faster.

We estimate that Protopage will be out of service for up to 45 minutes during this upgrade. We have chosen the time that the fewest users are online, which is Sunday morning.

The upgrade times are as follows:

EST / US East Coast 3:00 AM 3:45 AM
CST / US Central 2:00 AM 2:45 AM
MST / US Mountain 1:00 AM 1:45 AM
PST / US West Coast      12:00 AM    –    12:45 AM
GMT / London 8:00 AM 8:45 AM
CET / Zurich 9:00 AM 9:45 AM
Singapore / Hong Kong 4:00 PM 4:45 PM
Tokyo 5:00 PM 5:45 PM
Melbourne 7:00 PM 7:45 PM

Note that Protopage has a feature called ‘smart save’. What this means is that if you lose your connection to the internet or if the Protopage server is unavailable for any reason, your browser will warn you after making changes to your page. Your browser will then retain the change (as long as you do not close it), and give you an option to try saving the changes again.

This is an important feature which means that your valuable changes are never lost if your internet connection goes down, and even means you can work on your page while disconnected and save your changes back to our servers once you plug your machine back into an internet connection.

UPDATE: The data center upgrades have been successfully completed.

12 Responses to “Smart save and data center upgrades”

  1. FreeBee Says:

    I didn’t believe we needed to complain about the loading speed anyway, but I DO notice the difference; it’s almost instantaneous now! Nice work, Team!

  2. xrayspex Says:

    Load time is much quicker here now!
    Good work!

  3. ted Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for this great service. Have to admit I was skeptical at first, but now protopage is a must.

  4. sami jan Says:


    does protopage have an API that developers can use, maybe something like

    the app has some really cool ajax powered drag/drop/resize functions which lots of people would love to use – maybe u can release it under a license – that will bring in a lot of customers

    i did not see a “contact us” link so i am leaving this as a comment – i would really appreciate it if i can get an answer on this, thanx


  5. Andrew Says:

    Just a quick pat on the back from me and my partner in mayhemm. Love your work.

  6. Protopage Team Says:

    Thanks. And we’re currently looking into an API – if you have any specific requests as to what you’d like our API to do please send them to us on our feedback page –

  7. Bonifacius Says:

    Great article. I am just sad I dont know how to reply properly, though, since I want to show my appreciation like many other.

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  10. carpet Says:

    Just a quick pat on the back from me and my partner in mayhemm. Love your work.

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