Authenticated news feeds now supported

If you have an RSS or ATOM news feed that requires a username and password, it will now work inside Protopage.

If it is not already, please ensure the feed URL is in the following format:

We will also support secure http (https://) feeds when version 3 is released.

7 Responses to “Authenticated news feeds now supported”

  1. Dale Says:

    Great work gang, been waiting for this for awhile!!

  2. Qass Says:


    I created a protopage a few days ago at I’ve created a tutorial on how to setup your protopage as your desktop. (I couldn’t find a ‘contact us’ link so I’m writing a comment.) I have my protopage setup as my desktop and am able to search, use stickies and do all that protopage offers right from my desktop. Its really cool! I was wondering if you would like to post that in your How To section. I have it up on my blog at I’ve also added it to and told all my friends about protopage who are now busy creating new protopages!

    Thx for a great and fun webpage tool.


  3. Protopage Team Says:

    Thanks Qass, and what a beautifully designed blog you have!

  4. Says:


  5. Alondra Says:

    Knowledge wants to be free, just like these airtcels!

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