Browser compatibility upgrade

We’ve just released some new tweaks to support the new Firefox 3.5 browser, and to allow the full range of rich text editing when using Google Chrome. For those of you in the northern hemisphere, hope you’re enjoying your Summer!


25 Responses to “Browser compatibility upgrade”

  1. marwanb Says:

    That’s much appreciated, thanks.

    Please consider fixing the long-standing bug of the wrong stacking
    order of preview boxes when hovering with the mouse.

    (see this screenshot to illustrate what I mean:

    When hovering the mouse on any item, the preview box appears
    partially *behind* the RSS contents so it’s not readable)


  2. Protopage Team Says:

    Fixed, thanks for taking the time to screenshot this.

  3. marwanb Says:

    Many thanks :)

  4. FreeBee Says:

    Glad that’s over with :) I should have made a screenshot when I mentioned this issue several months ago…

    Let’s try to negotiate the ID horror again…

  5. marwanb Says:

    Actually, while we’re at it, there’s another long-standing issue which
    you might consider resolving:

    In some situations, when reading feeds, after a certain number of items,
    the right-hand pane stops “updating”.

    Meaning, some item’s text will be also displayed for all the items that follow
    it in the same feed.

    So for the following items we can see the title, but not the text.

    Please see the screenshot:

    The text displayed on the right belongs to the “how do you write loaded” news item, but this text is displayed unchanged for all the news items following, too.

    Many thanks!

  6. Protopage Team Says:

    We’re looking into this one – it seems to only occur if the internal news reader is activated and left open for long enough that the newsfeed has been reindexed. This issue should therefore be quite rare for most users, but we’ll see if we can come up with a solution.

  7. marwanb Says:

    It also happened to me when the news reader has only just been activated (actually, a mere couple of seconds after I entered the site)

    What I can say, though, that it only happens when there are “many” items in the feed.

    Remarkably (this may lead you in the right direction), every time I counted the feed items that were displayed correctly, it was exactly 20.

    Meaning, the first 20 items are displayed correctly, and then the 21st item and all subsequent items (in the feed) are displayed with the text of
    the 20th item.

    Hope this helps

  8. Protopage Team Says:

    Hi Marwanb, this has been a really tricky issue, but we’ve now resolved it and everything should be working perfectly now.

    We’ve also released some new browser compatibility fixes for Firefox 3.5.

  9. marwanb Says:

    Much appreciated!


  10. Shay Says:

    I’ve used and loved protopage for several years now! I’m trying to jump on the twitter bandwagon and find it to be incompatible with protopage…. Do you know of any fixes or workarounds?


  11. kyth Says:

    I can’t decide the width of newly created bookmark widget anymore, why?

  12. Protopage Team Says:

    Shay: Protopage works great with Twitter: just enter the twitter url as the RSS feed, e.g. click “Add Widgets” and then enter

    You’ll them be able to monitor as many twitter feeds as you want!

    Kyth: Protopage currently defaults to a 3 column view. If you want to freely position widgets and set any width you want, click the “down” arrow for your tab, and choose “Free positioning”.

  13. Protopage Team Says:

    Thanks Roba :)

  14. Amy Says:

    I just updated to Firefox 3.5.4 last night and now can’t see any protopage site … not my own and not anyone else’s. It works in Safari, so must be something to do with the latest Firefox update.

    Protopage is great, by the way … thank you!! Hope the FF fix can come soon or that there’s a workaround that still enables me to use the latest Firefox.

  15. Steve Says:

    Like Amy, mine has stopped working in FF 3.5.4 but I upgraded a couple of days ago, it was still working until tonight.

    It works fine in Chrome and Safari.


  16. Steve Says:

    I think I’ve fixed it.. Java just updated. Cleared Cache files. And did a refresh.

    Phew… living without PP and FF would be a total nightmare..


  17. Ru_anderson Says:

    Quick question, can I have certain tabs private and others open to the general public?

    Also thanks for this its an amazing resource.

    Am I right in sayig the design coding and concepts of the site are yours but any content i post up eg my next novel the supurlative photos of my foot and inside of my lens cap – are all mine and you have no claim to them ( conversly if your servers crash its my tough luck)


  18. Kellman Says:

    Good Update! I use protopage for my class website and have my students use it too for getting thier class assignment rss feeds from all of their teachers. This helps keep them organized.

    I’m having a problem with adding website widgets. The edit page often appears behind webpage widgets. If the webpage widget is large enough, it completely blocks the edit screen and the webpage widget has to be deleted in order to continue.

  19. Protopage Team Says:

    Kellman, this happens sometimes for websites that use adobe flash technology. Some types of flash widgets created by other sites will force themselves to appear above all content, and this is not something we can prevent unfortunately.

  20. Steve Morton Says:

    Still using this great application. Not sure if anyone has an answer to this one.

    Over time I\’ve built up quite a collection of bookmarks on Protopage. It would be nice to be able to export these to a suitable file for use in say Firefox.

    But my main problem these days is I use both a netbook with 1024×600 and an iMac which is capable of 2560×1440 pixels. When I first got the netbook my main PC was 1280×1024 so it wasn\’t difficult to tune my Protopage settings to suit both sizes of display.

    Although I don\’t use the full width of the iMac display for the browser, it\’s still considerably bigger and taller than the netbook.

    An ideal solution would be the ability to swap between two different set ups within the same account. I would rather not set up a new account for the netbook because it would lead to an over head on the maintenance of links and feeds etc.

    Any thoughts?


    p.s. pity about the spammers in the blog above my post.

  21. Denise Says:

    protopage has been my homepage for years. I just take it as it’s always going to be there. Never had a problem. I think it’s time I thanked you for it. Thanks, for a great home.

  22. Protopage Team Says:

    You’re welcome, Denise :)

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