Server and mobile updates

We’ve recently performed a server upgrade to increase our ability to serve our growing userbase. We continue to monitor and update the Protopage service to meet the needs of new web browser versions and new mobile phones, including updates for the latest batch of Android mobile phones. Thank you for continuing to use Protopage, where you can rely on us for decades to come!

25 Responses to “Server and mobile updates”

  1. Nemoflow Says:

    Thanks for all your great work!!!!!

  2. Julie Says:

    What Nemoflow said… thanks for your great product!

  3. Peter Says:

    Reassuring to hear. Thanks for the great service!

  4. FreeBee Says:

    Still here, still enjoying the good work you guys do, and happy to hear you’re still improving with no plans to quit any time soon.

    Great job, Protopage Team!

  5. AGT Says:

    Hey, guys! You are live!!!

    I was worry because your blog have a few of entries.

    Your site is awesome!!!

    I hope you people do more things for be better it!!!

  6. Henk Says:

    Hello there! Good to hear from you!

    Keep up the good work! Your service is still great!

  7. Roba Says:

    I loveeee protopage. Been using it for years, won’t ever stop using it :)

  8. Surf_Musik Says:

    Thanks!!! =)

  9. David Nordon Says:

    I continue to rely heavily on protopage to keep track of important information. I’ve got my two sons into protopage as well to track their Uni and School stuff

  10. Alan1018 Says:

    Please, please – Safari for Windows is a great browser choice. Can u integrate it?

  11. Protopage Team Says:

    Hi Alan – Safari for Windows does work with Protopage – we’ve just tested this.

  12. Opera Says:

    Pls test OPERA 10.5 for windows , do work but without scrollbar ,that\’s pain.otherwise well done .thanks

  13. Phil Sevetson Says:

    Thanks for upgrading!

    I\’m finding it convenient to put all sorts of personally important links and non-confidential information (that I use when webcrawling) on your site. This is good, by itself… but what do you have for published backup and availability-assurance strategies?

  14. Steve Morton Says:

    Is there a problem with the RSS feeds today, not been loading all day.


  15. g0t Says:

    hope everything is fine, i’m experiencing same problem as Steve.
    Rock on Protopage

  16. Steve Morton Says:

    An update, the feeds have reappeared, but no icons on any of them, or on any bookmarks.
    Also the Weather widget isn’t working either.


  17. Steve Morton Says:

    A further update. Most of my icons have now reappeared. Weather widget still not available.

    I’m using Firefox 3.6.8 on OSX 10.6.4 if that helps.


  18. Sasha99 Says:

    News feeds not available, no icons, nor weather widgets again this morning. Not even a personal picture that I have on my page!

    Last night, feeds finally appeared, but weather widgets never did.

    Can we have a comment or feedback from admin? What’s up?

  19. Protopage Team Says:

    Hi all – sorry, we’re having some data center madness. It’s taking longer than expected to get back on our feet. Your Protopages are safe – we’re having an issue with our indexing servers which handle news feeds, weather, and inbox previews. We’re working hard to get this fixed ASAP

  20. Steve Morton Says:

    Thanks for the update


  21. Jared Says:

    Thanks for the update and the hard work, but just a thought- this is the kind of thing that would be nice in a blog entry, followed by a later blog entry announcing that the issue has been resolved. That way I wouldn’t have to dig through comments to find out what’s going on. Maybe?

  22. Jeff rose Says:

    I have noticed that the picture widget is not working. My pictures have vanished and I can\’t load fresh ones


  23. Fred H Says:

    Weather widget still not working…and agree…this should be a front page blog post, not buried in comments. You guys don’t answer support email questions very timely either I see.

  24. Protopage Team Says:

    Update – we’re still working hard to restore all Protopage functionality including weather and photo uploading. More updates to follow.

  25. Says: