New widgets, new look, new wallpapers and more

Due to popular demand, we’ve just released a new version of Protopage with a flurry of new features:

New Accuweather weather widget, Yahoo! Finance stock quote widget, Google Calendar widget

You can now see the weather in any city in the world, add your own stock quotes and charts, and add your personal Google Calendar with these new widgets. They are available on the list inside the “Add widgets” menu.

Color scheme tweaks

We’ve slightly tweaked the color gradients used when widgets are displayed on the screen. This is so that they look better with a much wider range of color selections than before.

Safari / iOS 6 support and iPad/Android tablet drag and drop setting

We now support the latest version of Safari and iOS 6 for iPad and iPod touch. If you are using a tablet and you find yourself accidentally dragging widgets around when you only intended to scroll, there is now also an option to disable widget dragging on tablets.

50 new wallpapers

We’ve created 50 new original wallpapers that are available via the Colors/Settings screen

Thanks to everyone that has written in with suggestions and bug reports. Please keep the feedback coming!

31 Responses to “New widgets, new look, new wallpapers and more”

  1. Steve Morton Says:

    Thanks for the new features. Especially the tablet ones, that will make life a lot easier!

    Keep up the great work guys

  2. Protopage Team Says:

    Thanks Steve, nice to see you still around :)

  3. Bob D. Says:

    I thoroughly enjoy Protopage! It\’s a great tool. I noticed that something has happened with the borders -unless I\’m the only one seeing jagged triangles strung together rather than continuous lines. Just happened tonight.

    Thx! Keep up the excellent development.

  4. Protopage Team Says:

    Thanks Bob, yes, that’s part of the new look and feel. We’ve tested it on a wide range of pages and it seems to look better overall for the majority of pages. We hope you’ll grow to like it :)

  5. Steve Says:

    One thing I have noticed today is that the text in the search engine fields in Protopage have a shadow font effect? Is this a default thing or can it be changed to a plain text font?

  6. Protopage Team Says:

    Ah thanks, we’ll fix that

  7. Steve Says:

    Thanks, it looks like someone is written on blotting paper with fountain pen!

  8. John Lightfoot Says:

    The met office offers some code for a widget, has anyone got it working in Protopage and how ?

  9. Protopage Team Says:

    Hi John, the Met Office have a bug in their code which is preventing it from working, unfortunately. Specifically, they have a javascript error which causes an issue when their widget is put inside an ‘iframe’. Sorry about that.

  10. Steve Says:

    Thanks for fixing the font in the search engine drop down windows. Not readable again.

    Thanks for the prompt action as always.


  11. John Lightfoot Says:

    Thank you for looking at it, I am not that fussy on Accuweather and was looking for a UK alternative

  12. Jim Cushing Says:

    Doh! Never mind my last post. I just had to maximize the widget a little and now it is perfect!

  13. John Miller Says:

    How do I make my own picture cover the screen like wallpaper?

  14. Bill L Says:

    Anyway to make widgets and/or web pages auto-update?
    Weather info seems frozen until I reload.

  15. Hector Diaz Says:

    Any chance to see more widgets in JavaScript or HTML5. Flash is a dying platform. In particular would like to see clock, weather, and stock tracker widgets that will work on Safari/iPad.


  16. Filipe Says:

    How about adding an option for each webpage frame to reload every x minutes/seconds… (it would be better to reload only a frame instead of reloading the whole protopage!)

  17. Filipe Says:

    How often are the RRS feeds being populated?

  18. Filipe Says:

    Webpages frames with costume zoom would be great as well

  19. Filipe Says:

    One more thing: The horizontal and Vertical offsets are very handy, would be nice to extend the functionality and use \

  20. Tom Moore Says:

    For something that has been around for 7 years, protopage is pretty kludgy, in my view. Right now your own featured weather widget has become a “blocked widget” without having been removed or replaced on your widget list.

  21. Tom Moore Says:

    How do I get the new Accuweather widget?

  22. Tom Moore Says:

    Ok, it seems Safari is blocking your plugins with outdated java code in them. How do we fix this?

  23. Tom Moore Says:

    Flash update cured the problem for Safari. Sure would be nice if Apple would provide a more diagnostic error message than “blocked plugin”!

  24. T-Rex Says:

    In advance of iGoogle\’s death, I\’m probably one of thousands who have switched to Protopage. After a few days, I can say I like its flexibility with the layout a lot, and being able to select any Webpage image as a background. Things I miss are widgets for Google translate, and Intellicast widget (I set up the page widget for it though), and a more full Gmail display of my inbox instead of new mail only.

  25. Maimon Mons Says:

    Love protopage and just getting used to it.

    One problem with Google Calendar. Seems that it only allows the default calendar to be viewed? I have 5 personal calendars (home, birthdays, and 3 for work) and would love to have the ability to show multiple calendars in the Google Calendar widget.

  26. Cynthia Says:

    I agree with Maimon…I share family calendars that I cannot view even though I have the sharing option through Google. Would love to pull them in so I can view them all.

    I loved my igoogle homepage, but think protopage is a great new option!

  27. gonzo Says:

    Agree with previous posts regarding multiple google calendars – big letdown for someone being forced off igoogle – calendar functionality is one of the sticky things about igoogle – why no fix?

  28. mrjimmy Says:

    One more post about google calendar… Now igoogle is gone, it is very useful if we have in a single widget all our calendars.

  29. Dottie Says:

    Are the photos most of the news widgets part of the new look? Most of my stuff will not load today! What is up

  30. JeffH Says:

    Wallpaper image from a URL were loading fine until a couple of months ago. Now cannot get an image to load, either the stock images or my own URL. It won\’t even preview, just going to solid white background. Solids and patterns work. Using Ubuntu 13 with Firefox 26. I had written to Support without any response. Any help?

  31. Simone Says:

    Accuweather widget no longer delivering any info. =( I\’ve tried disabling all extensions, reinstalling widget, no luck. Anyone have any advice, or recs for a different weather widget?