Protopage Chrome extension

We’ve just released an extension for the Google Chrome web browser that makes it easy to add bookmarks and news feeds to your Protopage.

Simply click the icon and the extension will show you if the news site or blog you are currently visiting can be added to Protopage as a news feed. It’s also an easy way to add bookmarks to your Protopage.

To install this Chrome extension, click here

We’re also working on a Firefox extension for future release.

3 Responses to “Protopage Chrome extension”

  1. JohnParryJones Says:

    Frankly, I don\\\’t see the purpose of this Chrome extension. My main Protopage gives me the access to what I want.

  2. Protopage Team Says:

    It’s not designed as a replacement to Protopage, it’s simply an easy way to add bookmarks and feeds to your existing Protopage.

  3. Domhnall Says:

    I managed to get this added to Firefox’s standard RSS handler:

    Enter into address bar: about:config

    Search for: contentHandlers

    Add the following 3 new strings:

    browser.contentHandlers.types.6.title Protopage

    browser.contentHandlers.types.6.type application/vnd.mozilla.maybe.feed

    browser.contentHandlers.types.6.uri NAME&url=%s&type=feed