New feature: Headline options

By popular demand, we’ve added some new display options for your news headlines.

To access these options, click the Colors/Settings button at the top of your page, and look in the bottom left of that screen.

You can now “line wrap” your headlines, so that the whole headline will show even if it’s too long to fit inside the widget.

When you click a headline, normally it will turn gray and there will be a line through it. We now have the additional options of either hiding it completely, or leaving it unchanged.

Finally, we now have a specific option to change the size of all news headlines on your page (this setting also applies to twitter headlines and email inbox widget items).

If you have a browser that supports Ctrl/Cmd +/- to change the size of web pages, you may also find that a useful way to change the size of text on your Protopage (i.e. you hold down the Ctrl key and tap the + or – key on your keyboard. On Macs, hold down Cmd instead of Ctrl).

One Response to “New feature: Headline options”

  1. Earl Says:

    I like the newly added Headline options but would like to lobby for the addition of the date posted to headlines as well