New stock quotes widget

We’ve just released a brand new stock quotes widget to replace the old Yahoo Finance widget.

Click the ‘edit’ button to enter your own list of stocks.

11 Responses to “New stock quotes widget”

  1. Mark Says:

    New weather gadget replaced old one seamlessly.

    Not so with, Stock Prices gadget. It just spins non stop even after I go through edit process.

  2. Jeff K Says:

    It took a little work but i got it working fine. It was my first day working with the page so that wasn\’t bad. I like the custom look i gave it and the widgets

  3. Protopage Team Says:

    Mark, can you let us know what you mean by “spin”?

  4. Donnie D. Says:

    How about widgets for Reuters, AP and UPI?

    I know you have RSS feeds for Reuters but that isn\’t good enough.

  5. Web Guy Says:

    Looks good guys, I am just arriving since they shut down which was my home page for years.

  6. Pam B Says:

    I have been with MSN since their inception, not anymore. I am looking for a new homepage and am trying this. Can I get a widget for outlook? I can\’t seem to find it or add it.

  7. Web Guy Says:

    I second Pam\’s comments, need widget for Outlook desperately

  8. William Says:

    Can\\\’t seem to get the stock widget to show results for certain mutual funds, e.g. VGHAX. Another way to do this?

  9. Jeff Says:

    The Stock widget will not show Mutual Funds! (WMFFX, etc). Can you make it do mutual funds?

  10. Dean Says:

    I too have left msn since they done away with
    An widget would be simply excellent.

    Need a mutual fund widget as well.

  11. John Holmes Says:

    The new Stock Widget doesn’t seem to deal with Mutual Fund symbols. Tried it, nothing retrieved. Fund symbols OK?