Disaster recovery procedures and encrypted off-site backups

A few people have recently asked about our backup procedures, to ensure that the contents of their Protopages are safe.

We have a dual layer backup mechanism in place. Firstly, we have continuous live backups of the Protopage databases through a process called ‘replication’. This means that if the main Protopage servers were to suddenly catastrophically fail, we can fall back to the live backup servers.

Secondly, we perform daily backups of the Protopage databases to a secure offsite backup storage provider. This means that even if the entire datacenter were to melt down and all Protopage servers failed, your Protopages are still safe. Offsite backups are encrypted using high strength AES-256 encryption, in order to keep the backups private.

4 Responses to “Disaster recovery procedures and encrypted off-site backups”

  1. Tom McKey Says:

    Thanks for the reassurance – Been using Protopage since Google closed theirs and love it . Thanks


    What if I need to access the backups due to accidental loss of data on my part?

  3. Protopage Team Says:

    These are system-wide encrypted backups and are for emergency data recovery only. They’re also limited-time-window backups that are for emergencies rather than for archiving. It’s a very labor intensive task to set up a parallel infrastructure to restore a duplicate version, and so there is no ability to access specific user data directly unfortunately.

  4. Clayton Says:

    You guys rock!! Keep up the good work!