New YouTube, Market Indices and Sports Scores widgets

We’ve been listening to your suggestions, and have released three new widgets:

1. A YouTube widget, which makes it easy for you to embed a YouTube video into your Protopage

2. A market indices widget. We use a third party provider for our stock price widgets, because licensing the data feeds ourselves would be prohibitively expensive. The regular stocks widget is provided by a company called TradingView, which provides live stock data but not live market index data. Therefore we’ve launched a new widget from which does provide live market indices.

3. We are often asked about providing live sports scores. Sports scores are astonishingly expensive to license, which is why we can’t provide them directly. Instead, we’ve provided a new sports scores widget which makes it easy (via the widget’s “edit” button) to configure the list of sports score sites you want quick access to.

All three widgets are available via the “Add widgets” menu.

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