News feed indexing improvements, iPadOS compatibility and more

We’ve been busy all year making dozens of improvements to Protopage, many of which are compatibility, security and performance related. This ensures Protopage always works with the latest browser updates, and that our servers are always running smoothly.

In particular, we’re continually working on our news feed indexing platform to make sure that we can reliably auto-detect and collect headlines from the widest possible variety of web sites. We’re now caching at least 50 headlines from each news feed. Note that if you have added a particular news feed for the first time, at first there may be only a few headlines available, but up to 50 past headlines will be archived from then on.

You can increase the number of headlines that display in a news widget by clicking the edit button on that widget. Displaying more headlines is useful if you want to catch up on the news and see many days of headlines all at once.

We also upgraded our Twitter indexing earlier this year, to be compatible with Twitter’s new 280-character tweet limit.

For iPad users: Apple released the iPadOS update in the last few months. The new Safari browser on iPad contained some that updates caused some glitches, which we’ve now completed making accommodations for.

4 Responses to “News feed indexing improvements, iPadOS compatibility and more”

  1. Steve Says:

    Many thanks for the updates. I hadn’t noticed any issues with iPadOS, but thank you for fixing them!

    Once again thanks for your continued help and support.

  2. Robert Jones Says:

    All I’ve got on Google Chrome is a banner ad (for other companies) but nothing else – no page, no links.

  3. Protopage Team Says:

    Hi Robert,

    If you have installed any ‘browser extensions’ or ‘add-ons’, these can interfere with all web pages that you load in your web browser. Try disabling each extension or add-on to discover which one is interfering with the loading of your Protopage.

    Even if the extensions were working before, they are updated all the time by their developers, so problems can be introduced at any time. Use an incognito/private browsing window (which will have no extensions enabled) to verify that you really can access your Protopage when extensions aren’t interfering.

    We’ve recently had reports that the Office and Dark Mode extensions have been causing problems.

  4. Guido Says:

    I have already created widgets for a long time collecting news via Google on various themes such as Actualités France, Actualités Internationnales, Rugby, Musique, Photographies …
    For the past few days, all these widgets have been giving me exactly the same news, only based on the theme International news, and only in English. It is impossible to find again the selection of themes and however, none of the links has been modified.
    I do not understand this sudden change, and, in desperation, I am thinking of changing the home page if I can no longer follow my news feeds.