Fixes released for interfering browser extensions

If you have installed any ‘browser extensions’ or ‘add-ons’, these can interfere with all web pages that you load in your web browser.

If your Protopage ever does not load properly, try disabling each extension or add-on to discover which one is interfering with the loading of your Protopage.

Even if the extensions were working before, they are updated all the time by their developers, so problems can be introduced at any time. Use an incognito/private browsing window (which will have no extensions enabled) to verify that you really can access your Protopage when extensions aren’t interfering.

We’ve recently had reports that the Microsoft Office extension for Google Chrome was interfering with many sites including Protopage. We figured out why their code was causing an issue, and we’ve just released a fix that detects similarly interfering extensions and prevents them from adversely affecting your Protopage.

4 Responses to “Fixes released for interfering browser extensions”

  1. wschloss Says:

    Thank you. I have tried lots of other start pages and Protopage is by far the best, and fixes problems quicker than any others.

  2. Tom Says:

    The weather widget is down for a couple days now.. is it coming back. Page is not much use without weather. Thanks.

  3. Protopage Team Says:

    Hi Tom, thanks for letting us know. This should now be fixed.

  4. Zaky Says:

    Always get error when I add my article through exension. How it can work?