Protopage Chrome extension

February 13th, 2013

We’ve just released an extension for the Google Chrome web browser that makes it easy to add bookmarks and news feeds to your Protopage.

Simply click the icon and the extension will show you if the news site or blog you are currently visiting can be added to Protopage as a news feed. It’s also an easy way to add bookmarks to your Protopage.

To install this Chrome extension, click here

We’re also working on a Firefox extension for future release.

New widgets, new look, new wallpapers and more

October 7th, 2012

Due to popular demand, we’ve just released a new version of Protopage with a flurry of new features:

New Accuweather weather widget, Yahoo! Finance stock quote widget, Google Calendar widget

You can now see the weather in any city in the world, add your own stock quotes and charts, and add your personal Google Calendar with these new widgets. They are available on the list inside the “Add widgets” menu.

Color scheme tweaks

We’ve slightly tweaked the color gradients used when widgets are displayed on the screen. This is so that they look better with a much wider range of color selections than before.

Safari / iOS 6 support and iPad/Android tablet drag and drop setting

We now support the latest version of Safari and iOS 6 for iPad and iPod touch. If you are using a tablet and you find yourself accidentally dragging widgets around when you only intended to scroll, there is now also an option to disable widget dragging on tablets.

50 new wallpapers

We’ve created 50 new original wallpapers that are available via the Colors/Settings screen

Thanks to everyone that has written in with suggestions and bug reports. Please keep the feedback coming!

Protopage is 7 years old and outlasts iGoogle!

July 4th, 2012

Google announced today that it is shutting down iGoogle, which was a Protopage competitor.

Protopage launched in 2005 and is still going despite nearly every other start page shutting down or becoming derelict.

We were one of TechCrunch’s first ever posts on August 18th 2005 (after seeing we were the #1 most bookmarked site on delicious that weekend), and we’re still going strong!

FYI, unlike other start pages that took huge amounts of venture capital and underwent forced sales, Protopage is completely independent and debt free, and we hope to be around to celebrate our 50th birthday one day if the internet is still around…

(If you’ve just discovered Protopage, you can try it here)

New tablet and smartphone support

January 17th, 2012

Due to popular demand, we’ve just released better support for tablets and larger smartphones, so that you have the choice between viewing the mobile version or the normal version of Protopage on your device.

We were previously automatically redirecting mobile devices and tablets to the mobile site, but we now present you with a choice when you visit from those devices. As before, you can always reach Protopage mobile directly by going to from your mobile device.

Two new Twitter widgets

November 6th, 2011

We’re pleased to announce two new Twitter widgets. You can now add your own or someone else’s Twitter feed to your page by clicking the ‘Add widgets’ toolbar button and then clicking ‘Add a twitter feed’. You can also add a Twitter Search widget, which displays the latest tweets on a particular topic or search term that you wish to follow.

In addition, there is a new ‘Add a map location’ feature, which allows you to easily add a Google Map for a location that you type in. Enjoy!

Embedded Google Maps update

September 27th, 2011

We’ve just upgraded our Google Maps widget to support embedding.

If you go to a Google Map in your web browser, you can click the “Link” icon (as indicated in the image above) and then copy the embed url. Then click ‘edit’ on a Google Maps widget on your Protopage and paste this into the “Web site address” field.

Click save, and your Google Map will then appear on your Protopage!

Browser compatibility updates

July 22nd, 2011

We’ve just updated Protopage with compatibility fixes for the pre-release version of Firefox 8 and for Firefox 6 beta.

Protopage should work perfectly with all versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Server and mobile updates

April 20th, 2010

We’ve recently performed a server upgrade to increase our ability to serve our growing userbase. We continue to monitor and update the Protopage service to meet the needs of new web browser versions and new mobile phones, including updates for the latest batch of Android mobile phones. Thank you for continuing to use Protopage, where you can rely on us for decades to come!

Browser compatibility upgrade

July 19th, 2009

We’ve just released some new tweaks to support the new Firefox 3.5 browser, and to allow the full range of rich text editing when using Google Chrome. For those of you in the northern hemisphere, hope you’re enjoying your Summer!


Protopage longevity

November 19th, 2008

It has recently been announced that a competitor of ours, YourMinis, has shut down its start page, and we’ve had a number of emails asking nervously whether Protopage is safe.

We’re extremely lucky at Protopage to have very low costs and to not rely on venture capital or any external investors in order to provide our start page service. As far as we know, we’re unique in that we’re the only major start page that has not taken external capital.

Believe it or not, Protopage has now been live for over three years! We launched in August 2005, when we spent our first weekend as the #1 most bookmarked site on the “” bookmarks site. We’re cash flow positive, and we’d like to reassure you all that although we don’t always blog as often as we’d like, we’re here for the long run and we see no reason that Protopage will not still be around ten years from now. After all, we heavily rely on Protopage ourselves and that’s why we nurture it!